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Here's Why You Should Get Into A Cybersecurity Startup Now

Poppy Wood is a founding member of CyLon - Europe’s first cyber security accelerator programme. As far as experience goes, she has got it in spades. Having worked in the cyber industry for three years and helped numerous cyber startups grow, Poppy noticed that the landscape and awareness of cyber security have started to change over the last couple of years. “I’ve noticed that people are now starting to feel more comfortable talking about it. Three years ago there was no way my family would have talked about cyber security at a dinner table,” she says. Part of this shift in the attitude towards cyber security is the fact that the issue hits the headlines on a regular basis and it has taken a

An Ethical Hacker Explains Why It's Important To Protect Yourself Online

Because of the increasing amount of cyber threats, it is now more important than ever to protect your identity online. To better understand why people commit cyber crime and how we can protect ourselves we interviewed Jennifer Arcuri, an ethical hacker and a founder of Hacker House, a company that provides experts in cyber security and ethical hacking. Cyber security explained Jennifer makes it clear from the start that "cyber security is the new 21st century way of warfare, just like a medieval way of defending your castle with a magical princess in it”. She claims that to protect “your castle” you have to understand the threat and decide how to protect yourself. She uses a simple analogy,


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